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Convention & Tourism Forum

The Convention & Tourism Forum is open to anyone interested in conventions and tourism in McLennan County. If you are interested in attending, please email Susan Morton at

Waco Entertainment

This is a listing of bars, pubs, coffeehouses with live entertainment, and dance halls in Waco, Texas.


Austin’s on the Avenue Bar & Grill
719 Austin Ave. 
(254) 399-8635

Barnett’s Pub 
420 Franklin Ave

Brazos Bar & Bistro (Inside Hotel Indigo) 
211 Clay Ave. 
(254) 754-7000

Brazos Grille at the Waco Hilton 
113 S. University Parks Dr. 
(254) 754-8484

Dancing Bear Pub 
1117 Speight Ave. 
(254) 753-0025

Cricket’s Grill & Bar 
221 Mary St.
(254) 754-4677

Crying Shame
7020 Sanger Ave
254-235-3409 or 254-235-3709

Chapter 11
619 Esther St
(254) 741-1370

5th Street Ice House 
Live Music on Tuesdays and Thursdays
500 Austin Ave 
(254) 772-1866

1925 Speight Ave.
(254) 753-1421

George’s II 
1201 Hewitt Dr., Ste. 100 
(254) 420-2060

The Grape, a wine bistro
2006 N Valley Mills Dr

Hog Creek Icehouse
170 Branson Trail
(254) 848-5335

Klassy Glass 
723 Austin Ave. 
(254) 752-1808

Lakeside Tavern
6605 Airport Dr

Legacy Cafe & Art Gallery 
723 Austin Ave.
(254) 752-5200

Nite Court Saloon
210 S. 8th St.
(254) 755-9988

Oakley’s Bar
816 N Valley Mills Dr

Salty Dog Sports Bar & Grill
2004 N. Valley Mills Dr. 
(254) 732-5161

Sam’s on the Square 
330 Austin Ave.

Scruffy Murphy’s 
1226 Speight Ave
(254) 753-0802

Slippery Minnow Bar & Grill 
At Lake Waco Marina
(254) 848-4471

Treff’s Bar 
Live music about 10:30 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays
520 Austin Ave
(254) 759-1209

Trojan Cork & Keg 
215 Mary Street
(254) 757-3800

True Love Bar
1826 Lake Shore Dr. 
(254) 732-6337

1201 Hewitt Dr #200
(254) 666-2226

Whiskey River/Club Energy
7524 Bosque Blvd.
(254) 772-6811



Wild West
Live music at 10 pm Fridays
115 Mary Street
(254) 759-1081

Coffeehouses with Entertainment

Common Grounds Coffeehouse
1123 South 8th Street


October 1, 2012 marks the beginning of “Waco & the Heart of Texas”, a new program designed to market the greater Waco region. We heartily welcome our new partners, the cities of Bellmead, McGregor, and Hewitt. 

Interested in participating? Please click here to learn more about our new programs. Please note that eligibility for some programs is subject to restrictions. 




Meetings Marketplace will be held May 22, 2013. Click here for more info.

Managing Your Car Dealership Properly

Using a dealership management system Thailand allows a business to keep their business organized. The majority of business need a system that combines all of their operations. These systems will show the inventory, the ledger and the schedule for the business. Every member of the team can see this information, and the business can work cohesively while using all this information.


The employees of the business need to know when they are coming to work, and they can see that schedule in the system. Also, customers can make appointments to visit the business, and these appointments will be shown on the same calendar.


When a customer buys a car, they have to sign paperwork and pay for the car. Also, the dealership needs to get a payoff from the company that is lending the money for the car from your dealership management system Thailand – The business can see how much they must collect in sales tax, and they can place an order for a car to replace the one they have just sold.

The Book

The accountant or manager who handles the ledger can use this system to cobble together the information they need. Managing payroll, sales and taxes can be done through this system, and the business will run more smoothly because all the information is contained in one place. Resource : Pentana Solutions

Eliminate Weather Concerns With Marquee Hire for Outdoor Events

There are numerous venues where you may choose to host a party or a special event throughout Australia. Some will choose to host a small event in their own home, and others may choose an indoor venue. When you choose one of the many gorgeous outdoor venues, you may be thinking about implementing the benefits of natural sunlight or a starlit sky for ambiance, fresh air and scenic views. However, you may also be concerned about the weather conditions. Marquee hire Melbourne or Sydney is the perfect way to eliminate weather concerns about your outdoor event.

With marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne, you may easily select from your choice of outdoor venue covers to use at your event. You may reserve a smaller marquee to cover your food buffet tables and entertainment equipment or stage. You may consider a larger marquee to provide your guests with shade and protection from the elements. Some marquees are simply open canopies, and others have flaps that can be raised or lowered as needed to provide you with a semi-enclosed or even a fully enclosed space.

Some believe that marquee hire Melbourne from Aussie or Sydney would limit their space or would eliminate the benefits of using an outdoor venue. After all, if you wanted an enclosed space, you would have chosen an indoor venue. However, with a marquee, you may keep the flaps up when the weather is nice, and this can provide a seamless flow of foot traffic for guests to meander and mingle. In the event that weather is inclement, you will be happy that you have the ability to seal the weather away and to give your guests protection from the elements.

There are other benefits associated with marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne as well. You can learn more about all of the benefits of using a marquee and you can book your marquee hire today to plan for your event.

RSA Courses Sydney and the Do’s and Don’ts of Refusal

You can learn how to be responsible when it comes to selling alcohol by taking RSA courses in Sydney. RSA courses in Sydney are all about learning the right and the wrong way to sell alcohol with an emphasis on making the best decisions to suit all. The law states that minors and those who are intoxicated cannot be served alcohol and of course there is a right way to do this and a wrong way. RSA courses in Sydney fill in all the gaps but for now these do’s and don’ts can get you started.

Do get your RSA

The first thing to do if you want to be adept when it comes to selling alcohol is to take RSA courses Sydney. These courses are specifically for those who are working with alcohol and the public and you will find out the laws, the signs of intoxication and how to serve safely.

Don’t be rude

Even if you are refusing to serve someone because they are intoxicated you need to avoid being rude at all costs. Remember you are in a professional capacity and should behave in such a manner. Keep your cool and remain polite but don’t back down from your word.

Do offer an alternative

One of the best ways to diffuse someone being upset when it comes to refused service as they are intoxicated is to offer them an alternative. You could try offering a nonalcoholic beverage or even offer to call them a taxi or friend who can take them home. Not only is this kind hearted but it is also a responsible way of helping someone.

Don’t be talked round

Remember when it comes to serving liquor to someone who is intoxicated you can get into trouble. The law will be laid out for you when you complete your choice of RSA courses Sydney at This means you should not be persuaded to serve one last drink when you have already made the judgment call. Stick by your word and stick by the law.

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Elements of Website Design
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For the Target Audience
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How Responsive the Site Is
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How Easily the Site is to Navigate
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Website design is a process that involves many components. Businesses who believe that they can accomplish this goal without any assistance need to look into web design Melbourne can offer to increase the success of their sites.